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Elitist? No........

Just better than you

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This here be a ratings community. However we are not any ordinary ratings community oh no!

There are two of us who run this place, you may call me god and my associate ''second-in-command-supreme-ruler''

alternatively you can just call me Lou and my associate Ben

Bear in mind this is a cam whoring and an elitist community, if you think your good enough to be accepted into our group come on it - but be warned, if your faint hearted and take things to heart easily, this is NOT the place for you

This is me and this is Ben

So if you think your bitchy enough and can stick the pace, whats stopping you applying?

In order to be accepted into this community you MUST answer all the answers to this survey and you MUST include at least two photos of yourself where we can make out your face clearly. All this must be under a LJ-CUT, we are VERY strict on lj-cutting here and if you dont lj cut your application, it will immediatly be deleted.

Also, aswell as the application and teh pictures, you must promote this community in three different places on LJ - and give us links at the bottom of your application

There are a few more rules for this here community we need you to adhere to

1. You MUST be at least 13 years old.
2. You must apply with 48 hours of joining.
3. When posting pictures, make sure that they are NOT digitally manipulated and that they are NOT blurry or too far away. We want to be able to see your face. Also, make sure that they are of reasonable size. People with dial-up don't want to wait all day for your pictures to load.
4. If you haven't been accepted, please don't give any flack to other members for giving their honest opinion of you. You will banned.
5. DO NOT comment on other people joining until you HAVE been accepted. This will get you banned as well.
6. We don't like pity or give anyone it , so don't try to make us feel sorry for you.
7. Don't delete your application if it's not going the way you want it to. This will also get you banned.
8. If you are caught posting pictures that are not of you, you will be banned. We want to see the real you.
9. Do not steal other members' pictures.
10. When stamped, give your honest opinion on applying members.
11. Do NOT use phonetic typing. You can use the occasional ''2'' instead of too or ''u'' instead of you, but none of this mad l33to hax0r typoz.

The application ::

Sexuality :

5 Fav Movies:

5 Fav Bands:

5 Fav Songs:

5 Fav Books:

What makes you worthy to be in our elitist community?
Why do you want to join this community?
Give a random fact about yourself:
Why should you be accepted?: (*if you put 'because I should', 'because I'm cool, or anything of this nature, I'll ban you - that is NOT an acceptable reply)
Where did you hear about this community?
Name three places you have promoted this community ::

Accepted members ::